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Free Gems by Clash Royale – Enabling Opening of Legendary

Enjoy the new version 1.7.0 of Clash Royale where you may enjoy certain exclusive and astonishing features like crown dual challenge, electro wizard challenge and clan chest event. After successful earning of Clash Royale free gems, you may easily win appreciable scopes of legendary chests.

Release of New Cards Every Two Weeks

A new card will be released at an interval of every two weeks. Among all, Dart Goblin is the one that is mostly preferred. You may make your Sunday special by requesting and donating epic cards. Those cards amazingly cost less in the shop. The more number of cards you hold, more chances exist regarding scaling with the current Arena.

After playing for an appreciable amount of time, you will enjoy the log after your hard effort. You may easily open a chest as per your desire against an investment of a nominal percentage of your hard earned money. The log will be upgraded automatically by gems thus opening the doorway towards fetching of legendaries without spending a single gem.

Receive Regular Updates to Avoid Partiality

You will be receiving regular updates that you need to get installed to avoid partiality. You will definitely appreciate playing of such an exclusive game as you will be getting Halloween and many more. Clash Royale offers its visitors festive updates along with achievements and events. Feel yourself totally engrossed into a spell valley.

More you play and win; more will be the number of legendary cards you will fetch. By holding high expertise there is a high probability of special types of legendary cards that include miner, ice wizard and many more. This game may be treated as a direct sequel of golden-egg goose, which is nothing other than a proper spin off.

Clash Royale has been considered to be a tower defense set into the Clash of Clans universe. As its APK is available almost everywhere, the game can be easily played from anywhere.





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