The basic concept on how we can free paypal generator

The basic concept on how we can free paypal generator

The money circulating in Paypal does not comprise physical notes. The system works by keeping information in storages or servers similar to a money vault. These storages or servers are composed of several automated services such as modules that handle withdrawal, modules that keep track of new users, modules that flag users and notify the administration for unusual activities and many more.
Some paypal money adder applications work by targeting a particular module.


That module is the fund-withholding flag and its releasing mechanism. The funds that this particular module handles are from new vendors who made Paypal transaction for the first time which withholds the payment for 21 days, from charge-back requests of buyers in which payments are usually 1 to 2 months on hold, misconduct by the vendors in which payments are on hold for 6 months and many more. A lot of these types of transactions happen every day so the funds are accumulated in Paypal’s servers.
How to use the Paypal money adder?

First you have to acquire bitcoin as means of payment in purchasing the Paypal money adder app. Developers of Paypal money adder online only accepts bitcoin. This is a type of digital currency that is securely encrypted, making it the safest mode of payment. You can get bitcoin online from several online dealers such as www.bitcoin .com and many more.

You can choose between two types of Paypal money adder, the Basic and the Pro version. Paypal money adder has daily transaction limit, 200 USD for the basic and 400 USD for the pro. You can buy the Paypal money adder Basic for 0.3 bitcoin and the Paypal money adder Pro for 0.5 bitcoin. The current bitcoin to US dollars exchange is 1 bitcoin equals 574.31 USD.

Once the application is installed in your computer, just open the app, fill in your Paypal info and wait for the confirmation. Once you have received the confirmation, you can check your Paypal account. Now you can enjoy earning free Paypal money from Paypal money adder

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