What Has Made the Xbox One So Crazy Popular?

The rivalry between the Xbox from Microsoft and the PlayStation from Sony has become something of a legend. Gamers can argue at length about the benefits and pitfalls of each gaming console for hours. For many years, it has been more or less a draw between these two consoles. However, with the Xbox One, Microsoft may have finally found a way to overcome Sony’s PlayStation 4.

There are many reasons why the Xbox One managed to get the better of the PlayStation 4. Here are some of those reasons.

The Cloud Services
Microsoft is one of the biggest names in computing and tech. As a result, cloud computing is a part and parcel of their normal activities. This is something that has benefited Xbox greatly. After all, Sony does not have a cloud setup like Microsoft. The Project Mountain from Microsoft is a million dollar project meant to develop data centers to provide cloud services to Office 365 and the Xbox.

As a result of this cloud services, Microsoft has managed to ensure that its multiplayer service is the best among all the consoles in the market. Of course, the availability of free Xbox Live codes makes things even better. Moreover, games are talking full advantage of this feature and thereby allowing their Xbox versions to be better than the PlayStation ones.

The Kinect Console
Kinect might not have achieved instant popularity among the gaming crowd. However, it has a lot of potential and it is beginning to live up to it. The whole system is now much better than before allowing gamers to complete more difficult actions. Games have already begun to take advantage of the features of the Kinect and things will only begin to get better. After all, Kinect can redefine how games interact with their games. With free Xbox Live Gold codes, you will be able to make the most of it by playing out interesting games.

The Controller
The PlayStation 4 comes bundled with the Dualshock 4 controller. While good, it is in no way comparable to the Xbox controller. In fact, many gamers consider the Xbox controller to be one of the best controllers ever made, if not the best. It has an amazing design and its creation allows gamers the perfect way to play games through the free Xbox Live codes. For the Xbox One, Microsoft has greatly upgraded the controller which now has a better balance, better triggers and an improved D-pad. For fans of shooter games, Xbox controller offers the best experience.

The Entertainment Options
While free Xbox Live Gold codes are loved by gamers, the fact is that the Xbox can be used for more than just playing games. This console is also an excellent entertainment setup. After all, the overwhelming majority of the popular games are no longer exclusive to a particular console. That is why the presence of topnotch entertainment options makes the Xbox One a much better deal than the PlayStation 4. Microsoft has already entered into agreements to offer television and sports programs through the Xbox.

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